Master Mr. Market with Military Grade AI

Introducing ChiStats NIFTY FORECASTR

A NIFTY Forecaster that deploys military grade AI & ML expertise that we have
successfully used for the Armed Forces; to forecast the NIFTY.
This gives your Futures & Options strategies a unique alpha generating advantage​.


AI Methodology Used

Uses an augmented version of Recurrent Neural Net (Deep AR Net) specifically customised to Options trading data using uncertainty estimation theories. The training input for the algorithm consists of multiple attributes of Options time series that have been generated at second level. Based on this input dataset, the algorithm trains a model that learns to characterise the dynamics/motion of LTP movement, and such a continuous learning model can be is used to predict the trend for future hours and days.

Military Grade AI at Work in Forecasting Nifty

  • Highly uncertain and confusing environment which is rapidly changing

  • Short time to make an accurate actionable forecast

  • Similar situations in battlefields and in FNO trading

  • Vast experience in Military domain deployed to bring you Forecastr

    How ChiStats NIFTY Forecastr can be used to create Profit

    • Key to profit is avoiding bad trades or getting out of them quicker and staying longer in the good ones

    • Nifty Forecastr gives you hourly and daily forecasts for H,L,C with bands

    • Use these forecasts to set suitable Stop Loss and Target Profit levels or to choose which strategies to deploy

    • Use our high directional accuracies to construct risk free , regularly repeatable trades for small returns

      1What is NIFTY Forecastr?
      Forecastr is a platform built by Chistats to help fund managers and investment managers deliver superior performance and risk-adjusted returns to their customers.
      2Who is ChiStats?
      ChiStats is a AI and Data Science company that has done work for the defence sector and for global manufacturing and mining giants in the area of leveraging AI for their weapons and products/processes.
      3What does NIFTY Forecastr do?
      Forecastr comprises multiple products. As of now our product for very short term (a few hours to a few days but not a few weeks) called Forecastr AI.It is in the soft launch stage. A few offerings under this product are currently live. These are the Hourly and Daily Forecasters for the NSE Nifty Index. These are particularly useful in the Futures and Options market. More such offerings under the Forecastr AI product will be made live soon. Our other products under Forecastr which are Sentiment AI and Portfolio AI will be launching in the coming months. These will be more suitable for long-term investors.
      4I am a retail investor investing my own money and that of my family and friends. Can I use Forecastr?
      Forecastr does not cater to the needs of retail investors. It is meant for investors with larger investment corpuses and with more tolerance to risk and an interest in a wider range of instruments than typical retail investors.
      5What is AI and how is it used in NIFTY Forecastr?
      Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans. They can do this 24 hrs a day and 365 days a week at speeds much faster than humans and also eliminate any emotional biases which humans will have. Hence AI is more suited to structured, mathematical, and analytical tasks like stock markets. Forecastr leverages the same AI which is used in Military and Defense technologies to create tools which will help investors get better returns.
      6What does the Nifty Daily and Hourly Forecaster do and how does it do it?
      The Daily and Hourly Forecaster are a suite of AI programs which study market trends of the instrument and create complex multi - dimensional patterns. They look for self similarity and self affinity and use reward and punishment models to forecast future behavior of these instruments. They do these forecasts for a time 1 hr ahead and for 1 day ahead. As an example at 10:30 a.m. IST the Hourly Forecaster makes a forecast for the behavior of the Nifty 50 between 10:30 and 11:30 and so on. The Daily Forecaster follows a similar but more resilient process to obtain a daily forecast for the behavior of the instrument. As an example, the Daily Forecaster makes a forecast at 9:30 a.m. IST for the behavior of the Nifty 50 for the current day. The Forecasters use multiple learning techniques so as to balance the learning from their forecasting experience while at the same time not getting caught into the trap of applying old and outdated learning to new regimes and environments.
      7How Accurate are these forecasts?

      These forecasts need to be understood in 3 different ways.

      Directional Accuracy - If the forecast says that a certain parameter is going to move in a certain direction with respect to another parameter, then what is the chance that it moves that way. Example of Directional Accuracy – The forecaster says that the current period High for the Instrument will move upwards as compared to the Previous Period High and the actual movement is in the same direction - What is the chance of that happening? That chance is very high.

      Quantum Accuracy - Each forecasted movement is classified into 3 bands - A weak movement, A medium movement and a strong movement. What each of these bands mean in exact quantity terms is given on the respective forecast pages. Example of Quantum Accuracy - If the Forecaster says that the movement in a particular direction is going to be a strong movement then what is the chance that the movement is in the same direction and a strong one. What is the chance of that happening? That chance is moderate.

      Band 3 Accuracy - Most profits will be made when there is a Band 3 movement. If the Forecaster forecasts a Band 3 movement, then the chance that the Directional Accuracy will be high is called the Band 3 Accuracy. This is the ideal participation zone. This chance is very high.

      8How do I or my firm use these forecasts?
      Use these forecasts responsibly. Understand your risks. Use them to sharpen your existing trading or buying and selling strategies for various instruments so that your existing strategies and trades give you more profit and less loss.

      About ChiStats

      NIFTY Forecastr has been developed by ChiStats, a data science company that helps businesses realise the power of AI to unlock value. ChiStats works in transformative technologies has helped clients create newer value propositions and accelerated the business value. ChiStats has solved complex problems for various industries from Defence to Oil and Gas to Insurance

      ChiStats is the winner of 'Dare to Dream Innovation Contest' hosted of Defence Ministry, Government of India and part of the NASSCOM, CoE for IOT and AI.